Wah Yew Shelving & Racks
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1 Kaki Bukit Road 1, #03-48 Enterprise One, Singapore 415934


Operation Hours
Mon - Fri: 9am - 6:00pm
Sat: 9am - 3:30pm
Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed


We specialise in all types of metal, wire mesh, glass, acrylic & wood fabrication for display features:

  • Supermarket
  • Retail Shelving
  • Boutique Display
  • Store Racking
  • Display Accessory
  • Shoe Racking

We manufacture a wide range of parts as per your specifications to suit your every shelving & other racking needs. All enquiries welcome.

Boutique Displays   Boutique Displays   Boutique Displays
Boutique Displays   Bracelet Displays   Gift Bags
Necklace Displays   Ring Displays   Various Acrylic Displays
A14-2-a Glass Showcase   C8-2-a Female half Body   C8-5-a Male Mannequin
C7-2-a Female Mannequin   C3-1-a Male Body Form   C3-4-a Female Body Form
C3-9-a Child Body Form   A266-HK Female Mannequin   B105-SB Male Mannequin
A290 Famale Mannequin   B171 Male Mannequin   A241-HA01 Female Mannequin
A155-HA10 Female Mannequin   A164 Female Mannequin   B265 Male Mannequin
ACI0202 Male Mannequin   A240-HA10 Female Mannequin   097-HA01 Female Mannequin
A289 Female Mannequin   C6-1-a Clothes Hanger   C5-13-a Clothes Hanger
C5-15-a Clothes Hanger   C5-8-a Clothes Hanger   C5-6-a Clothes Hanger
C5-17-a Clothes Hanger   C5-14-a Clothes Hanger   C6-15-a Clothes Hanger
C6-5-a Clothes Hanger   A9-2-a 36" T-Stand   A9-6-a Double Layer Stand
A9-7-a 2-Way Stand   A9-1-a 4 Way Stand   A9-3-a S-Stand
A8-8-a Circle Rack   A8-1-a Belt/Tie Stand   A8-5-a Hand Bag Rack
A8-2-a Lingerie Stand   A13-14-a Costume
Jewellery Stand
  A13-12 Ear Ring Table Stand
A13-4-a Ring Stand   C11 Table Top Stand   A10-9-a Triangle Wire Stand
A3-5-a Promotion Bin   Hanging Accessories   B9-B10 Acrylic Stand
Mid Duty Garment Racks